Vendor Onboarding

The Challenge / Business Need

Your current vendor onboarding process is lengthy, tedious and inconsistent. Vendor documentation is outdated, there is no means to monitor each vendor’s status and the documentation is disorganised.

You need to centralise the vendor data capture, enable systematic reviews, automate document expiration reminders and establish a secure repository for essential vendor-related documents and information.

The solution

  • The key features include:
  • Vendor Registration Portal: potential vendors can enter all required information and upload supporting documents.
  • Document Management: a secure and centralised repository to store all vendor-related documents, including certifications, licenses, contracts, and other essential materials.
  • Automated Review Workflows: route vendor submissions to the appropriate stakeholders for review and approval, ensuring consistency and adherence to compliance requirements.
  • Document Expiry Tracking: automated alerts and notifications to vendors and administrators for expiring documents, enabling timely updates and replacements to maintain compliance.
  • Vendor Status Tracking: a comprehensive view of each vendor's compliance status and financial standing.
  • Vendor Classification Insights: reporting and analytics to categorise vendors by business type or discipline, offering valuable insights for decision-making and supplier diversity initiatives.
  • Task Management: the ability assign tasks and set reminders to both vendors and administrators for specific actions or document updates, streamlining communication and follow-ups.
  • Collaboration and Notes: features that allow stakeholders to add notes and comments on vendor profiles, fostering efficient communication within the procurement team.
  • Role-Based Access Control: granular control over user access and permissions to ensure data security and restrict sensitive information to authorised personnel.

Leveraging our proficiency in SharePoint Online and comprehensive understanding of the client's needs, we accomplished the successful implementation of a Vendor Onboarding and Management solution, effectively storing, tracking, and managing all vendors.

Let us implement a seamless, organised and efficient process for engaging with potential suppliers, whilst providing you with a robust tool for Vendor management and compliance monitoring.

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