Bulk SMS Tool

The Challenge / Business Need

You’re looking for a centralised messaging solution to streamline contact management and efficiently and effectively engage with your employees, customers or vendors. You need to send personalised SMS messages to groups of users or individual recipients, targeted marketing campaigns and time-sensitive notifications.

Our Bulk SMS Tool offers a convenient platform for businesses to effectively manage SMS communication.

The solution

  • The key features include:
  • Contact Management: allows users to manage their recipient lists efficiently.
  • Bulk SMS Sending: send SMS messages in bulk to multiple recipients at once.
  • Message Templates: create and save message templates to save time and effort when sending recurring or standardised messages.
  • Delivery Reports: provides delivery reports that show the status of each SMS sent.
  • Cost Tracking: tracks the number of messages sent and the associated cost to help the company monitor and manage its SMS budget effectively.
  • Security and Compliance: As with any tool handling customer data, security is crucial. The Bulk SMS Tool solution should adhere to data protection standards and ensure the privacy and security of customer information.
  • Unified, User-friendly Interface: built in SharePoint Online, which makes it easy for users to navigate the tool, compose messages, manage contacts, and access reports without requiring extensive training.
  • User Access and Permissions: supports different user roles and access levels to ensure that only authorised individuals can send messages or access sensitive data.

This scalable solution, which catered to the specific needs of the client, ensured efficient communication, cost-effectiveness and compliance with data protection standards.

Experience the power of exceptional employee, vendor and customer engagement.

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