Quality Management System

The Challenge / Business Need

Your ISO standards and operating procedures are critical documents that provide guidelines for ensuring quality, compliance and efficient operations. These documents are scattered across different systems, file shares and physical locations, making it difficult to access and maintain consistency.

These documents are reviewed and updated regularly, but managing version control often leads to confusion, outdated information, and non-compliance.

You need a structured repository that allows you to align your procedures and practices with ISO requirements, and to facilitate tracking and reporting on compliance measures for a successful audit.

The solution

These key components work together to facilitate quality management processes:

  • Document Management: robust document management capabilities in a centralised repository for ISO standards, operating procedures, work instructions, forms, templates and other relevant documents. Version control, check-in/check-out, metadata and an effective search.
  • Document Control: establishes controlled processes for document creation, review, approval and distribution. Workflows can be configured to route documents to appropriate stakeholders for review and approval, ensuring that only authorised versions of documents are available to users.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Workflows: define and automate workflows to streamline document review and approval, change management and non-conformance management – ensure that procedures are followed consistently and that necessary actions are taken at each stage of the process.
  • Collaboration and Communication: enable teams to work together effectively on quality-related initiatives. Users can collaborate on document authoring, have discussions, share updates and track progress. Co-authoring, comments and alerts enhance communication and foster collaboration among team members.
  • Audit and Compliance Tracking: track and manage audit activities, findings, and corrective actions. Create audit checklists, schedule and assign audits, record audit findings and track the implementation of corrective and preventive actions to ensure compliance with ISO standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Training and Knowledge Management: create and store training materials and capture employee certifications.
  • Search: easily find relevant resources and share best practices across the organisation.

Let us implement a comprehensive framework for managing quality-related activities, to ensure compliance, promote continuous improvement, and drive overall organisation excellence.

Get in touch to set the foundation for a successful ISO Audit with our QMS built on SharePoint Online.

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