Knowledge Base

The Challenge / Business Need

Individuals possess tacit knowledge, but they find it challenging to articulate, codify or transfer this information to others. When they retire, resign or move to different roles within or outside the company, you risk losing this knowledge. This can have adverse effects on productivity, decision-making and innovation.

You need to foster a culture that encourages knowledge sharing, and need to develop a method to capture this knowledge to harness the full potential of your employees’ expertise and ensure a more resilient, innovative and efficient workforce.

If your business could benefit from increased productivity, faster onboarding and training, enhanced decision making, knowledge retention and a reduction in redundant work – you may want to consider implementing our Knowledge Base.

The solution

  • The key features include:
  • Document Management: organise and store knowledge base articles, documents, manuals, guides, and other resources.
  • Metadata and Taxonomy: categorise and tag content effectively, which helps in better search and retrieval of information.
  • Content Types and Templates: ensure consistency in the structure and format of knowledge base articles to maintain a standardised presentation of information.
  • Search and Discovery: utilise SharePoint's powerful search functionality to allow users to quickly find relevant articles and information.
  • Versioning and Approval: track changes made to articles and ensure that content is reviewed and approved before publication.
  • Collaboration and Feedback: incorporate collaboration features such as comments, likes, ratings, and feedback mechanisms to encourage user participation and contributions.
  • Security and Permissions: control access to different sections of the knowledge base, safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Analytics and Usage Reports: monitor the performance and popularity of content and identify knowledge gaps.
  • Knowledge Sharing Culture: encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration among employees to ensure the success of the knowledge base.
  • Continuous Improvement: establishes processes for regularly reviewing and updating content to keep it accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.

A well-structured and maintained knowledge base is an invaluable tool for enhancing efficiency, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity while driving better decision-making and fostering a learning-oriented company culture.

Let us help you preserve critical knowledge, prevent knowledge gaps and facilitate continuity in your organisation by implementing a Knowledge Base built on SharePoint Online.

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