Employee Onboarding

The Challenge / Business Need

Your onboarding process is an administrative burden on HR, involves manual paperwork and excessive email exchanges, communication is disjointed and there is a lack of visibility and accountability.

You need to establish a consistent onboarding process, to ensure that all new hires receive the same level of information and support, to foster a consistent company culture and reduce the potential for inconsistencies and omissions. You would like the onboarding process to reflect positively on your brand and to promote a positive company culture and supportive work environment to attract top talent and strengthen your reputation in the job market.

The solution

Implement an Onboarding solution to ensure a seamless experience for new hires, whilst enhancing HR productivity and compliance.

The key features include:

  • Information Portal: a personalised portal detailing the start date and location and other important information tailored to the employee’s position.
  • Benefits Selection: presents the new hire with appropriate options for medical aid, retirement plans and provident funds to allow them to make their selections and complete the necessary forms.
  • Document Checklist and Upload: provides a checklist of required documents and allows the new hire to upload these documents directly to a centralised location.
  • Document Verification: HR personnel can access the centralised document repository to verify that all required forms and documents have been provided, eliminating the need for manual tracking and physical paperwork.

Are you ready to facilitate a seamless transition for new employees, to promote engagement and retention, ensure compliance, optimise efficiencies and reinforce a positive brand?

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