Employee Induction

The Challenge / Business Need

In your pursuit of hiring and seamlessly integrating employees, you have a requirement for an interactive online solution that encompasses diverse courses, topics, materials, and self-paced assessments. The ability to invite specific or all employees to complete designated courses and obtain comprehensive reporting and insights into training completion and test results becomes essential.

If this precisely aligns with your needs, our Employee Induction solution, built on SharePoint Online, is the ideal choice for your organisation!

The solution

  • The key features include:
  • Consistent Onboarding Experience: ensures that all new hires go through a standardised onboarding process, regardless of their department or role. This leads to a better understanding of the organisation's culture, policies, and procedures.
  • Flexible Course Selection: by allowing users to select their Induction Course, the onboarding experience is tailored to align with their specific job roles and responsibilities. This approach ensures that new employees receive relevant information for their job functions.
  • Interactive Learning: the solution accommodates various learning materials, such as videos, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and Word documents, which makes the onboarding process more engaging and improves knowledge retention.
  • Comprehensive Testing: to assess the understanding of the Induction Course, a multiple-choice test can be included. By setting a time limit and pass mark, you can gauge the knowledge level of each employee and identify areas that may require further training.
  • Administrator Control: administrators can add questions, set time limits, define the pass mark for the test, and allow or disallow test re-takes, which allows them to tailor the assessment to meet the organisation's specific requirements.
  • Tracking and Reporting: the solution offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing HR and management to monitor the progress of each new hire or existing employee. Reports show who has been invited to the course, who has passed, who has failed, and who has not yet completed the required courses. This data helps to identify potential issues and provides insights into the effectiveness of the induction process.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: By utilising SharePoint Online for the Employee Induction solution, you benefit from a centralised platform, making it easy to access and manage all onboarding materials and user data. This centralised approach improves efficiency and reduces administrative overhead.
  • Employee Engagement and Retention: a well-structured and engaging onboarding process boosts employee satisfaction and improves retention rates. When employees feel supported and well-informed from the beginning, they are more likely to be productive and committed to the organisation.

Allow us to assist you in optimising and enriching your onboarding process, resulting in enhanced efficiency, engagement, and knowledge acquisition for new hires or employees undergoing induction for a new product or awareness program.

Our solution not only guarantees that employees receive essential training and information but also empowers management with invaluable insights for ongoing enhancements.

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