Contracts Management

The Challenge / Business Need

Is your business using a file shares or legacy solution to store and manage contract documents?

File shares quickly become difficult to manage and maintain, have limited document security options and do not provide easy ways for users to navigate and find documents.

If your business requires a more streamlined and secure solution, providing a more efficient way to manage and track contracts, we have a solution for you.

The solution

  • The key features include:
  • Dashboard: a centralised dashboard providing overview of all Vendor Contracts with views by Expiry, Business Unit and Type of Service. Users also can create personalised bookmarks for documents they frequently access.
  • Contract Authoring: ability to create different contract types with different metadata and validation rules for each content type. The solution also offers automated document name generation based on pre-defined naming conventions.
  • Integration: integration with other line of business applications to ensure consistent master data.
  • Document management: ability to link vendor documents and amendments to related contracts.
  • Collaboration: built in communication and tracking tools to improve collaboration between team members working on contracts.
  • Reporting: reports to track status and progress of Capex Requests as well as insights into capital expenditure trends and budget utilisation.
  • Security and Access Control: role based access controls.

Through our expertise in SharePoint Online and deep understanding of the client's requirements, we successfully implemented a solution to store, track and manage all Contracts.

Let us help you streamline the way you manage and track your Contracts.

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