Capex Workflow Solution

The Challenge / Business Need

In today's competitive business landscape, efficient management and utilisation of Capital Expenditure (Capex) funds are vital for fostering growth, ensuring compliance, and future-proofing your business.

Many businesses continue to rely on outdated methods such as Excel spreadsheets and email correspondence to manage and track their Capex Budgets and requests. This approach not only lacks transparency but also makes the monitoring and tracking of approvals difficult. Additionally, the lack of controls and escalation mechanisms leads to delays in approval times.

The solution

To address these challenges, we have built solutions on SharePoint Online and Power Automate to automate and optimise the Capex approval process, improve efficiency and enhance decision-making.

The key features include:

  • Dashboard: a centralised dashboard providing real-time visibility into the entire approval workflow as well as an overview of all pending and approved requests.
  • Request Submission: user friendly custom forms to allow capture of all details required for the capital expenditure request.
  • Budget Tracking: requests are assigned to Capex Budget line items providing up to date budget tracking information for approvers and requesters.
  • Automated Approval: approval routing and notifications to relevant participants based on predefined rules.
  • Document Management: ability to attach and manage supporting vendor quotes and supporting documents.
  • Auditing: a comprehensive audit trail for all approvals ensuring transparency, accountability and compliance with internal processes.
  • Reporting: reports to track status and progress of Capex Requests as well as insights into capital expenditure trends and budget utilisation.
  • Security and Access Control: role-based access controls.

By adopting a streamlined Capex Approval System, businesses can overcome the challenges associated with outdated Excel and email-based processes. This solution promotes transparency, improves efficiency, and ensures accurate decision-making, ultimately driving organizational growth and success.

Let us help you automate your solution on Microsoft 365.

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